wedding ceremonies with Sandra Goodman

Life Cycle Celebrations and Special Ceremonies

Jewish Baby Naming: A warm and intimate naming ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate the creation of new life. You may already have chosen a Hebrew name for your child, but if you need input, I can help you find something perfect. We will gather your family and friends in your home or wherever you wish, and celebrate new life and Jewish tradition. Your baby’s Hebrew and English names, Hebrew and English birth dates, and naming information will be inscribed on a beautiful certificate you can keep forever, and I will archive a copy, in case anything happens to the original.


Naming a Jewish Adult: Some Jews were not given Hebrew names as children, but as adults, they find they need one or want one. For example, if your child or relative is having a bar or bat mitzvah ceremony, and you will be called to the torah for an aliya (i.e., to say the blessings), the rabbi will expect to chant your Hebrew name. Perhaps you are getting more involved in Jewish life, and you want to show your closer connection. I can help you choose a meaningful Hebrew name, and celebrate your naming at a joyful gathering of friends and family. Your new Hebrew name will be inscribed on a beautiful certificate you can keep forever, and I will archive a copy, in case anything happens to the original.


Renewing Your Vows: Have you been married for a long time, and want to tell each other, and your friends and family, how wonderful those years have been? Has some event in your lives made you realize all over again how happy you are to be together? You can tell the world with a festive and heartwarming ceremony.


Commitment Ceremonies and Domestic Partner Ceremonies: If you can’t marry for some reason, or would prefer not to marry, but would like to declare your commitment to each other publicly, let’s plan a beautiful and elegant ceremony to show your love. These ceremonies could be perfect for same sex partners who want to have legal protection or are waiting to get married until the Federal Government will accept their marriage.


Jewish Funerals, Memorial Services, Unveilings: Whether long expected or sudden, the death of a loved one is always a shock. In the days immediately afterwards, the psalms, prayers, and blessings of a Jewish funeral and time of mourning can provide great comfort to you and your family. I would be honored to explain the traditions, plan the funeral with you, lead you through the ceremony and the burial, and pay a shiva call to lead prayers at your home. If you want a memorial service instead, or at some time in the future, we can plan that as well. Whether or not I perform the funeral or memorial service, I would be honored to join you at the cemetery to lead prayers for the unveiling of a headstone.


Creative Ceremonies: Moving into a new home, graduating from college, divorce, starting a new job, recovering from illness, special birthday ... when big changes are happening in your life, we can design and perform a creative ceremony to help you step into into the future with confidence.