wedding ceremonies with Sandra Goodman

FAQs about Wedding Ceremonies with Sandra Goodman


“We are interviewing several officiants, to decide which one we want. Can you talk with us about what a wedding you perform might be like? What would you charge for the consultation? What do you charge to perform a wedding?”


An officiant is an important part of your wedding ceremony, and the right officiant can help make it truly memorable. Your officiant should be someone you like, who you feel would make your wedding special, and who can help you have the wonderful ceremony you’ve imagined. I encourage you to interview as many officiants as necessary, until you find the one who is best for you.


Every couple is different, and so every wedding is different, even when it uses a standard script. Let's talk about how we can make your wedding perfect for you.


Our initial consultation is free. The fee for preparing and officiating at your wedding depends on how much time I expect to spend in preparation and on the wedding day. When we discuss your ceremony, I’ll be able to give you more information.


“How many times will we meet with you before we get married? Will we have to attend wedding counseling?”


Each wedding ceremony, and each couple, is different. When we talk about your wedding, we will decide how many times we should meet, and set appointments. No matter what we decide at the beginning, if you want to meet or talk for any reason, call me. If you do not live in New York, we can meet via Skype or iChat.


I do not insist on wedding counseling. You are adults, and I presume you have talked about the issues that are important to you. If you want my support, I can help you deal with any conflicts that arise, and give you tools to explain and discuss your decisions with your families. If I see a problem developing, of course I will call it to your attention, so you can “head it off at the pass”. And I will also cheer you on when you achieve something particularly wonderful!


“What other services do you provide?”


Are you looking for someone to design a fantastic "save the date"? The best classical musicians in New York for your walk down the aisle? A gorgeous bouquet? A creative photographer? A kiddush cup designed just for you? I can recommend some great vendors - people with whom I've worked, so I know they're reliable.


I can collect the information from you and send it in to the New York Times Wedding Listings - that's one less deadline for you to think about.


Let's talk about how else I can help make your wedding special.