wedding ceremonies with Sandra Goodman

Civil Ceremonies


Perhaps you don't attend religious services, and don't feel the need for a religious blessing. Or you're of different religions, and want to avoid religious or family conflicts. Perhaps you want to get legally married now, and think about celebrating a religious marriage another time. Or you just want to get married without a lot of fuss. There are many reasons people choose a civil ceremony.


A civil ceremony can be just as beautiful and meaningful as a religious wedding. It can be as long or as short as you wish, and it can include any elements that are meaningful to you.


“Why should you perform our civil ceremony? Why not just go to City Hall?”


Honestly, if you're okay with a quick, pre-set civil ceremony, if you’re available while the Marriage Bureau is open for business, if you don't care about choosing your officiant, and you’re free to wait if the office is busy ... City Hall is fine, and has its own charm.


But if you want a ceremony personalized for you; if you want to write your own ceremony; if you want to invite many family members and friends to join in the celebration; if you want to get married in the park, at your favorite restaurant, or in your own home; if you want to get married on the weekend, or in the evening, or at a specific time ... City Hall isn’t the answer.


You need someone who can fit in with your plans, your personality, your schedule, and your creativity. Contact me, and let's talk about how to make your civil ceremony special!



Write Your Own Wedding


“Do you have ceremonies we can choose from? Can we write our own? Can we include our families and friends?”


I have several services already prepared, from very short to more substantial. You can use one of these ceremonies, personalized for you, or you can write your own.


It takes a little time and a little work, but writing your own ceremony can be a wonderful way to deepen your love for each other and explore your creativity. You can express what makes you and your partner the special people you are, and the marriage the extraordinary partnership it will be! I'd be happy to help you put an original ceremony together, or write the ceremony you want, and I'll perform it.


We can find all kinds of ways to honor your relationship with your family and friends. They can walk you down the aisle, read something beautiful, scatter flower petals, play music...It's great when people you care about are part of your wedding!